Monday, December 13, 2010

The Primal Life - Pot Roast

This was dinner tonight. Although I spent way too much on the meat itself, it was worth it. Knowing I can make the same meal and save about 40% in cost on the meat makes it taste even better.

Why was it Primal:

Beef Pot Roast - Carrots - Cauliflower - Onions - Garlic - Water.
The Rub I used I made up: Oregano, All Spice, Chili Pepper, Sea Salt, Pepper.
Slow Cooker - 9 hours

We had a simple salad to go with it. What, no potatoes? Who makes a roast with no Potatoes?Cauliflower is a great substitute and it's a primal food.

Why write about the food I'm eating. The results speak for themselves.
Current Training: 7 hours a week - Down from 10-11 hours in September-October
Load - Light - All the work is at a comfortable pace. No heavy breathing.
Weights: Two sessions a week. Squats, Pull Ups, Shoulder Press and some planks.

Current weight: 144 steady - down from 155 in September.

Body Composition - Just ask Mary - I ran up along side her yesterday while she was finishing her run. Because it's San Diego and it was warm I ran without a shirt. She said, "Damn, you look hot today".

If you read into the science of this eating/training (I think coach would agree with it) it goes like this. Your body has a max glycogen storage but does not have a maximum fat storage. If you train your body to burn glycogen (carbohydrates) you can continue to store fat. Generally that fat comes from Carbohydrates that don't get stored as glycogen but get converted to fat in the body. Primal eating + smart training teaches your body to use fat as fuel. The more you learn to do this the better it is for you in the long term. December is the perfect time to teach your body new tricks. How do I know I've trained my body to burn fat, ask Mary. Her comments were not just to be nice, they were real. More work to be done but it's getting there. I must state that I am not on a No Carbohydrate diet. The Carbs I eat are from natural sources (fruit, veggies, and the Heed I drink on my bike). They do not come from bread, grains, beans or sugar.

It's a good life...
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