Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be Humble

If you've been reading the last week you'll know that I've hooked in to the idea and the movement to Be Different. The day I had today is an indication of how important it is. The day needs no explanation as my German friend Marcus says "It is what it is"

The point I want to make today is to be different is the hard road. As MLB player Mike Sweeny said" it's counter cultural, it's swimming up stream" And we both agree we're in this 100%. Our culture can't afford to continue down the path we are on. Our kids, my son Marco, deserves better than what we are giving. Some words to represent a little of what it means to Be Different:

Live with Intention
Live with Integrity
Be Fair
Be Humble
Be Merciful

I know for a fact that in my goal to live 2011 with the daily thought of What Would Papi Do, This is what Papi would do.

It's a good life....

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