Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Do You Still Do this?

I've been asked many times and I've asked myself many times, why do you want to go do another Ironman.

  • Is it the brand Ironman - No
  • Is it because I want to Qualify for Kona - I think I can still do that but it's not the goal. 
  • Is it because I can't get it out of my system - No, I could drop it and not miss it. 
I do this: 
  • To Prove to myself that I still can
  • Because I can
But I really do this because these people can't. 

Larry "King" Solomon: The Rock Always in my thoughts. 

I'm going 140.6 Miles on September 22nd and these three will be on my mind and on my Arms all day. Cancer took Larry,  a predator took Chelsea and as my friend Mike Rouse said last week "There are three words you won't hear "I survived ALS" So I ask you to contribute to something on behalf of the three above and the many others like them. If it so suits you contribute 1 penny or one dime or one dollar.  

Contribute to Cancer get out and Pedal the Cause

Volunteer or give to Chelsea's Light

Or Fight ALS 

It's a good life.........

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