Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Man in the Making

One of the Marines last week suggested we pick up the book Chosen Soldiers. It's a story about how young men become Special Force operators. To clear up the term Special Forces is often misused. In the Military it refers to the Army Green Beret.

A couple things stand out to me.

"You may be deep in country talking to a village chief where you ARE the United States of America" That's a powerful statement.

Then there are stories of these guys who are chosen off the street to become SF. They don't go the standard way of enlisting, doing your time for years and then moving on to SF. They enlist and go strait to SF. So far every one of the stories is this:

  1. Speaks a second language
  2. Lived outside the USA
  3. Is driven
I think about our little boy who speaks Spanish fluently and would pick up German again quickly because he lived there. He's been to 27 countries and has given his time to help others the last three summers. 

There is not telling if our 16 year old will hold his dream to become a Special Operator. If he does the Army SF would get my vote right now. 

It's a good life....

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