Monday, February 16, 2015

Strong and Fast

Sunday morning I did my third shoe count in three weeks. It's quite funny that the first one and the third one were in virtually the same place. I'm busy bettering my craft at doing this. Clearly I don't think anyone is as geeky about what people run in as I am. Who else would do this three weeks in a row. Or maybe even 4.

After I did the count I decided to go running. The weather the last 4 days has been summer. It's hot like summer, the nights are warm like summer and the snakes are out.  Recently my running has been hit and miss. The miss is due to incredible tightness in my hips. I've tried to figure out where it's coming from. I've figured out it's the following not in order:

  1. Stress - Too much recently. 
  2. Age - Every Guy my age or older says they feel it in their hips. 
  3. Running Speed work + Heavy Weights. 
Stress I can control. Hips can be a problem but I've also found with lots of "Ready to Run" practice I can get rid of the pain. So then it comes to #3. I've decided my body can't handle both. heavy weights and heavy running. One of them has to go. 

On my run today I put on the HR monitor and set the limit. I use the MAF formula of 180-age+5 which comes to 135. At 135 running is not even an effort. I did a run that typically takes me 60 minutes to do and did it in 1:20 and felt great about it.This included a set of 5 strides at the end.  I finished happier than I started and there was 0 hip pain. 

In the late afternoon I hit the heavy weights. My goal is maximum weight lifted. Which is weight x reps x sets. 3900lbs is my level right now. Next week I'll increase that weight. I do this three times a week right now and will do it for 5-6 weeks to make sure I'm really strong. All the while my running will stay pegged at that HR. 

It's a good life....

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