Thursday, January 14, 2016

5 Things I am Thankful for On This Thursday January 14, 2016

  1. 23 and Me genetic results - I've always been on the healthier than most side of life. It doesn't matter that I'm healthier than you what matters is that my health continues it's strong trend. A few blood tests ago my Iron (ferritin) levels were high. They continued blood test after blood test to remain high. The only way to reduce them is to give blood which I've been doing. But the cause was yet unknown. It's ether genetic or it's lifestyle. 23 and Me confirmed that it's not genetic. That's good because I don't have to give blood every 30 days now. The future says continue to give blood and to monitor through blood tests. 
  2. My big sister Cyndi - We've not had an easy 6-7 years. First our father passed away abruptly on the 17th fairway one November morning. Not much longer after that we (my sister) had to put our mom into a total care facility for her Alzeimer's. Then just over a year ago our brother Bob passed away from ALS. Now the money has run out and my Mom needs to move to a county facility. My sister Cyndi is taking care of all of this over the weekend. Words can't express how thankful I am to have Cyndi as my sister. She raised me and she's still showing me how to live. 
  3. Dr Phil Maefetone  I was lucky to meet Phil years ago at a function we held at Road Runner Sports. Listening to his interviews on Endurance Planet remind me just what a visionary he has been in such a kind soul. The endurance community is lucky to have a guy like Phil. 
  4. David Bowie - What and influence in my life. Music is the one absolute constant in my life. It's on in the background or in the foreground most of my waking day. I love all music. There are certain threads in the music I listen to most and David Bowie is easily threaded through much of it. 
  5. The place where I live. I sometimes forget that that I live here. I get busy doing stuff and sometimes forget as Gordo says "This is far more than I need" I can't agree with you more Gordo. 
It's a good life....

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