Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dear Mr. President

I won't put your name anywhere in this post. Your name shows up 30 or more times a day in everyone's life around the world. Don't let this fact cloud your brain. It's not your name causing the influx of media it's the office you sit in. Sure you were popular before becoming president but not as popular as the chair itself.

It is probably now too late. The recent email debacle with your son probably seals this possibility out but maybe not. There are two things you may still be able to do,  to save the office you sit in. Notice I'm not saying save your skin. The office is bigger than you,  remember.

  1. Admit whole heartedly that our #1 adversary in the world played havoc in our election. That's not admitting that they got you elected. It's simply denouncing the attack on our system. 
  2. Welcome a complete and full investigation into their actions. Put the full force of the DOJ on this issue and make sure it doesn't ever happen again. 
That's it. That's all you had to do. The entire country would (have) support you. Your mistake was thinking about yourself first. It's always been about you and that's your failing. It's not about you at all. 

It's a good life.....

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