Sunday, December 2, 2007

100 Runs in 100 Days

The above picture is of Scout the Dog. This is her everyday activity. She lays around like most dogs concerving her energy for what might come. That thing that might come for Scout is a run through the woods with me. Today it was 70 minutes of hills, mud and more hills. Scout was covered in mud. She went out at 65 lbs and came back at 70lbs. She's a great running partner. She runs by my side or just in front for most of the run. She stops at all cross roads or in this case cross trails. She listens like no dog I know. She will stop on a dime if I yell STOP! But you make think she's out on the trails to spend time with me. No, it's all about cats, rabbits and deer. Her head is always up and looking around. We can be trotting along at a comfortable pace for 40 minutes but if one of those animals should appear within 100 yards Scout is gone. She takes off at a dead sprint and rarely gives up. The only thing that stops her is seeing me veer down a different path. It's actually the most entertaining part of our runs. She is so fast and at times gets ahead of herself, misses a key jump, tumbles and then gets right back in stride. I always have to slow down because I'm laughing so much.

Our typical week is roughly 3 runs together. A short one on Tuesday, a longer one on Thursday and then a long run on Sunday. Well, if you read the title, things are about to change. I took the 100 in 100 challenge on The goal is 100 runs in 100 days. A run must be 30 minutes. My plan is to do as many of them as I can with Scout. We will not run every day so that means on some days we'll have to do doubles. The real goal here is to get our rear ends in shape.

I know, those of you reading this think I'm already in shape. But there is a difference to me and I haven't been there since I ran the Ridgecrest 50K last December. So if anyone would like to join me in this quest to get in shape it's never to late to start. If you are a runner, 30 minutes a day can't hurt you and it surely can help. If you are walking, the same is true. 30 minutes a day should be a reachable goal.

The challenge I took started yesterday December 1st. I'm a day behind with a plan to make it up. If you are to the challenge join in.

It's a good life....


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