Sunday, December 30, 2007

The New Year

This picture was taken in the Volcano National Park on the Island of Lanzarote Spain. What an enchanting place.

I have spent a great deal of the time the last few weeks on reflection. It had nothing to do with the new year and everything to do with being worn out from a long sustained effort of living and working here in Germany. That sustained effort was starting to show an ugly side of me that needed fixing. I try to be simple with my life and if I keep four things in balance I am a fairly happy guy. Those four are Family, Financial, Work, Spiritual. What I found out in my reflection is that I was worn out from Work taking over. Yes of course the move to Germany was because of work but it became way too much. In fact I became work and work became me. My running friends and my work friends became the same friends. My work day attire (because you can do this in my company) became the same thing as my weekend attire. My phone is a work phone. Our car because it's a company car is branded by work. When I drop our son off at school I run into the people I work with. Let's not forget the travel. I love it but except for the trip last week, all the travel this year (Something like 18 plane rides of over 5 hours plus a bunch of short trips) revolved around work. Most if not all of this can be altered to make sure work is in balance with the other three. Here are some things I've done or will do:

1. Work attire from now on involves a shirt with a collar. Big deal right!

2. Spiritual - Running/Cycling/swimming partners will become German. I might become faster training with them anyway.

3. Family - Mary, Marco and I will travel to see this part of the world next year. This includes three races I've already signed up for.

4. Financial - Once a month, Mary and I will sit down and go over all of our financial status and decide what needs to be done.

One thing I do know this year, we are not moving.

It's a good life......
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