Thursday, January 17, 2008

Be a Leader!

"If you are too comfortable, too secure, you'll never do anything incredible" - Jimmy Carr

What a great quote, from a comedian no less. This quote is very fitting for a rather challenging work week. It's simply the most important week in the first 3 months of work where the oppotunity to make change is high.

But today I talk about leadership. A couple months ago I posted about treating people like your boss as just another person. And this is true, I firmly believe that if you treat people in position power as people you will get the most out of them. But today I continue this only in reverse. People of high position have to do the same. Especially when it comes to making a presentation about the future to a group of people that will do all they can to make that future happen. The presenter should come to the plate with enthusiasm, great preperation and a plan to inspire. They should regard their audience as the most important people in that moment. They should also know that leadership is not a title, it's something you work on at every opportunity.
Today I was part of a group that listened to a very uninspiring presentation by the managers. They are normally called the leaders but on this day they don't deserve the title. Today they had the great opportunity to motivate and the blew it. There was a large group of people in the room who were there to learn and be inspired. Instead they were treated to a dull unispired 5 hours of jabber.

I offer this to anyone that has to make a presentation to your boss to your peers or to a group that looks up to you, don't "mail it in". Rise above, be uncomfortable and do something increadible.

It's a good life......
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