Sunday, January 13, 2008

European Adventures

This week was an example of what you can do in a week. It started in London with some shopping and a meeting on Monday. Monday night the group I was with flew to Brussels and drove to Antwerp. We had meetings Tuesday morning at one of the best running retailers in the world and then had Tuesday afternoon to spend in Antwerp. The picture of the Cathedral above is Antwerp. What a nice city. It's known for it's high fashion and great food. Every meal we had in the city was served like it came from a master chef. We also bought a great deal of Belgian Chocolate which might just be the best there is.
We were back in Germany Tuesday night for 3 days of crazy work. It's work and it should be crazy right. Saturday Mary, Marco and I drove to Munich for a football (soccer) match. We drove down early and spent the day in the city. Then we made it back to Alliance Stadium for the Game. It was a friendly between FC Bayern Munich and China. The game was one sided. It wasn't really fair, FCBM is in the middle of their season and the China team seemed to just be getting together. FCBM ran circles around the team from China. We saw a 17 year old kid run straight through the China defense for an easy goal. The game finished 7-1. We were home Saturday Night after a fun night drive on the Autobahn. No comment on how fast we were going but I'll just say the Audi holds its own on the no speed limit roads.
This just fuels our spirit to do more short trips. While in Munich we got a clear view of the Alps and today we booked two nights in the German Alps for February. Cross Country Skiing here we come.
It's a good life....

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