Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Countdown

The countdown to Berlin begins. Exactly two weeks from now we'll be done and thoughts of the next adventure will be creeping in. Both Mary and I have had those thoughts of what's next. For Mary at least now, it's building running speed through some shorter events. For me it's a week of rest and then another 8 week focus on core strength. Although my running feels ok right now my overall body feels weak. No swimming and only riding the bike to work make me feel this way.

I wish I had another three week block like I just had before the marathon. I think I've gotten myself to a respectable place but not where I think I can ultimately go. It felt really good to have a true training focus for 3 weeks. My sleep was better, my nutrition (it's just food anyway) was much better. It's those things that make me want to have another 3 week focus. I hit my goal of 50 plus miles this week. I did that by running faster not just running a super long run. This week my tempo will stay up buy I'll come back down to 45 miles or so. There is no room for a taper nor did I do the volume that deserves a taper. I think it's just going to be consistency into the event and then I'll use experience and my ability to block pain for a long time. Those two things should get me accross the line in one piece.

There is always room to learn or relearn. Yesterday I did my long run a bit differently. I ran out at a comfortable long run pace for 1 hour. I turned around and gradually upped the effort on the way back. It took me 53 minutes to get back which essentially ended up being roughly a minute per mile faster. At about the half way mark on the way back, I had a choice. Shut it down and make it an even 2 hour run or continue to push the tempo. I chose to push the tempo. I was hurting like I haven't hurt in awhile but I kept my head down a pushed. It felt really good. Although I'm very under trained for the up coming marathon, that one run was a huge confidence booster. I'm alive today and feel I could have tacked on more mileage on my day off. As they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I think I'm stronger from pushing it yesterday.

It's a good life....
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