Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ode to my Kestral

It was 1996. The fire to ride and race again was alive. It had been 5 years since I raced a triathlon. Falling in love and starting a career were much more important to me. But 1996 was a new year and things were stable, triathlon became a part of me again and a new bike was in order. Pulling some connections, you showed up on my front door step. All clean and new. In 1996 you were a work of art. One of the only one peace carbon frames on the market. Well from 1996 to 2009 you served me well. 3 Ironman Hawaii races (I didn't ride you the third time, a friend did). 1000's of miles training for those races. Relegated to winter training once the new go fast race bike was purchased, you fought the harsh conditions. 1000's of miles in Southern California cool and sometimes rainy winters. Friends would make fun of you because you only had 8 gears but that didn't deter you. You laughed as they struggled up the hills with their 9 and 10 gear rides. Fast forward to Germany. You sat patient in the boiler room waiting for a turn to ride those smooth roads. As the other two bikes, the fancy new 10 speed carbon road bike or the race bike went out, you sat and waited. Your time came in June of this year and you delivered. You delivered in biblical rain. You delivered in hot sun. There was no break in time, no getting used to it. You fit instantly and you delivered. On those steep 12% grades you skipped up. On the reverse 12% drops you glided down like you were meant to be there. For 5 weeks you were the star of the show. The last ride this past Monday was a heart renching ride. You knew it was the end of this journey but you didn't give up. All the way to your resting place you road like a champion.
To my Kestral, thanks. Thanks for the great memories.
To the lucky soul who picked it up, treat it well. I hope it gives you the enjoyment I got.

It's a good life.....
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