Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Greg Lemond

Greg, you were a champion. You turned me on to the beautiful sport that is cycling and the Tour de France. You were the first American to truly break the European barrier and you opened the doors for Amercian Cycling in Europe. Your triumphs in France are legendary. From fending off your own teamate to winning on the last day TT in Paris. You showed us Amercians how special the Tour de France was. You were the comeback story of the decade. Accidently shot during a hunting accident, you fought the odds and came back to win with buck shot pellets lodged in your back and in your heart. I learned the phone number of the French Press so I could follow your exploits in July. I will always remember Greg Lemond, the cyclist.

I hope to forget the Greg Lemond of today. You seem destined to bring your sport down. The history of cycling is much like the history of all sports at the very top. Athletes are constantly looking for an edge. When all athletes are at the very top and are equal, what's left to do? Some, many have resorted to cheating. Today baseball is going through the "Steroid" Era. Well I've got news for them, check the baseball scuffing era as well. Or how about the little green pill era. In cycling, the Little Green pills were huge during your time. Riders are admitting to that. This is not to say that every athlete at the top is a cheater. In fact there are athletes that defy whats normal at the top. The ultra gifted. They are the cylists through natural ability who can ride away from all the others on the climbs. Who can hit redline on a time trial and keep it there longer and faster than anyone else. You with your accusations are bringing them down. Shame on you. Instead of using your status as a true champion on the bike you have chosen to stay in the headlines every July for your words. Words of accusation against riders. I suggest either find ways to give back to the sport that gave you so much or shut the hell up for the rest of your days. Sport needs to progress and you are not helping it.

It's a good life....


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