Saturday, August 7, 2010

The American Dream

Pictured above is the start of yet another great American Story. One of chance, hard work and a bit of belief in yourself. It's a wine story from Sonoma, California and it goes like this. Senior Guerrero started his wine career loading boxes of wine on trucks. Not hard to put things together but he's of Latin decent and probably didn't come from money as you imagine people in the wine business do. He was either a migrant worker or maybe the son of a migrant worker or maybe the grandson of a migrant worker. 25 years ago, he got a job. One that would pay his rent and buy him food. It was just a job. Loading boxes on trucks. Today with passion, class in a rather romantic setting, Senior Guerrero pedals his wine. Not the wine of the rich farmer he works for. No, it's his. His winery, his creation, his beliefs on how wine should be made, his sweat and his life. All from loading boxes on a truck.

You can only by it in Sonoma or on his website. It's well worth the $28.

It's a good life....

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