Friday, August 6, 2010

Crooked Back

I went to the Performance Sports Injury Clinic today ( for a soft tissue massage and analysis from my previous visit. As I walked in the two practitioners looked at me with worried faces. They said after pleasantries, come in and sit down. We want to talk to you for a bit. They showed me pictures of myself with my shirt off (some people don't like to see pictures of themselves they explained). From the front I look a bit dumpy and a bit unbalanced. Remember there is 18% body fat there and it should be closer to 10%. From the side you can see my protruding belly. Not one to be proud of but kind of odd on the skinny frame. Then came the back picture. Oh what a sight. Right hip higher then the left. Left Scapula lifted and protruding out. Shorts sitting at an angle because well, that's the way the hips are set.
The next thing out of his mouth was "I don't know how you do it?" "If you were to come in here with this back and say something like I want to do an Ironman, I'd tell you there is no way you'll be able to run" "yet here you are just off 5 days of twice a day running". And then he said, the only sign I think you are showing is that of someone with a ruptured disc. So my hips are not in alignment, my back looks like the picture above and now I may have a ruptured disc. Yet I just ran quite a bit, relatively pain free.

Then I had my Massage and came out feeling worked. Alain says to Corina, "how did his legs feel, anything tight" She says, "his legs feel like they've been used, I mean they were rock hard but after just a bit they relaxed and went soft". "Other than some tightness in the neck everything felt great"I guess thank goodness for strong legs.

More to come on this here problem.

It's a good life...

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