Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Aching Back

Ok, so that's not me in the picture. But that picture pretty much explains my aching back. I went to the Wolf Studios ( to get a total body assessment. I figured I'd been treating the pain long enough. Time to figure it all out again. You see this is not new to me. Ever since I had a major bike crash in the late 80's I've been dealing off and on with low back pain. This recent flair up is due to stress of life and a car accident. So off to the Wolf Studio to get to the bottom of this. When I mean total body assessment I'm not talking about Dr. Type. No these folks spent 2 hours watching me perform tasks, stand on scales, and tried to see what kind of base strength or weakness I had. My results are the following:

The Good
1. I can train 8 hours a week and live through it.
2. My upper ab strength is outstanding.
3. My overall leg strength is outstanding.
4. It's a good thing I do what I do or this problem would be a major problem. Here's to a healthy overly active lifestyle.
The Bad
1. 18% body fat - Not bad in fact really good for the average guy but I'm not average and I shouldn't have that much.
2. Protruding belly - It's not natural and it's being caused by the protection mechanism in the back.
3. Rotated Hips
4. Right hip raised and rotated.
5. Weak or not engaged internal back muscles. Again Pain protection.
6. 155.5lbs Heaviest of my life.
7. This is the BIG ONE - I load 20 more lbs on my left side than on my right. There is a reason that everything happens to my left side. The BIG ONE.

So next up is some soft tissue work to see if they can relieve that 20lb difference. I know a little secret, yes they will be able to relieve it temporarily but then it's up to some really isolated core work to keep it balanced. That's what they will teach me. I know some of it, that's how I manage to get 8 hours in a week. But they will then teach me more of it. Oh and get the 18% down, and the 155.5 lbs down and a few other things.

The folks at Wolf are fairly new to the San Diego area. They are exceptional at what they do. If you are hurting and can't figure it out go see them. Mention my name and you'll get the evaluation and a group of one on one sessions with them free.

It's a good life...
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