Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Are You a Member

My time at Road Runner Sports was a great learning in the world of Loyalty. Build a loyal customer treat them better than you treat yourself and they will be your customer for life. The Run America Club was just that.

Yesterday I stopped for Water at a Sir Speedy Gas Station. The guy behind the counter in a really hard to understand accent (and yes his first language is English) asked me if I wanted to join the rewards program. Here's what I can tell you NO! I'm not joining any more rewards programs. I'm done. My loyalty is stretched. Here is my list:

United - Because they fly direct to Hong Kong from California and their Economy seats are much more comfortable and the people nicer than Cathay Pacific.

Delta - Because they've been my partner since I can remember and they are on my Credit Card. So every one of my expense dollars at work give me a mile on Delta. I have lots and lots of miles on Delta.

Hilton - They have Hampton Inn and it's the best deal on the road.

Seaside Market - The local Market in Cardiff. I'm loyal to the locals.

Barnes and Noble - Yes, I still read books. I like going to the book store to shop. Mary and I can actually turn that into a date. If there was a local book store I'd drop this one in a second but there aren't any.

Road Runner Sports VIP Club - I buy lots of shoes to make sure I am up on everything that is running shoes. I better get the best discount on that.

That's it. Don't ask me anymore. My loyalty is complete. I can't be loyal to you Sir Speedy!

It's a good life....

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