Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 Mile Wednesday

I tried a new run group today and loved it. The same group that I swam with on Monday only larger. It's called 10 mile Wednesday. We started out slow which was good. At the 30 minute point just at the end of the San Elijo Lagoon Trail we stopped and waited for everyone. Or I should say they stopped and waited for me. I started extra slow so I was second to last. The the group split up, those running short turned around. Those going the full 10 soldiered on. At this point the pace picked up a bit but so did the hills. It's Rancho Santa Fe so you knew hills were involved. We looped around and made it back to the trail head. Stopped and then hit the final section. At this point either the pace picked up or the legs got heavy. I stayed with the front the hole time but it sure felt hard. 1:20 on the nose. With a 30 minute first 3 miles it made for a quick run coming back.

The best part is that my Keys fell off the the back tire and got stuck somewhere above the road. As I was cooling down, two of the guys were under my car fishing the keys out for me. Now that's just pure class if you ask me. The entire spirt of the 10mw group.

My favorite quote and there is always someone right:

"I'm going to run with you guys some day with Fresh Legs." and then very quietly he said "that's assuming you were on fresh legs today"

It's a good life...
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