Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My World

It's a disaster right now. But as they say, it has to hit the bottom to get to the top. The only thing really good right now is that I'm typing this at 4:15 in the morning and the Tour De France is on TV. Here you go, out in the open.

1. I'm traveling way too much.
2. Because of my travel and my attitude and my work focus and my idiocy my wife is pissed at me.
3. My company was 11 people in September when I started, it's 8 today. You'd think the 8 got along I mean it's 8 people right. Well not exactly. There seems to be the happy group and the pissed off group. The only thing I know is the Happy group reads this blog. Hmm!
4. I can't sleep. For 4 weeks now, I'm up at 1 am and maybe back asleep by 3. It's 4:15am so you put the math together.
5. Marco is mad at me because I travel too much.
6. Training sucks. My body hurts most days, because I can't sleep, nothing feels good. The strange thing is the only time I truly feel good is when I'm sweating like crazy. Go figure. Nothing hurts, My mind goes blank and I feel good.
7. I weigh 156lbs. Are you kidding me, I've never weighed that much.
8. My dog is so mad at me the other day when I was traveling she peed on the carpet. She didn't do that as a puppy and she has feelings. She follows me around like a lost dog and right now she sees my bag packed and I know Mary is going to text me with something that says Scout.....
8. I called my mom the other day. I know she's sick and doesn't always know what's going on around her but it's still really hard
9. My Dad passed away in November and he's the guy I'd unload all this stuff on in the past and he'd find a way to fix it or at least make it feel better.

This is My World, and only I can fix it. I'm not depressed I'm pissed. I'm pissed that My world sucks like this. I know in reality this is nothing. I don't have cancer, my son is a great kid, my wife is stunningly beautiful, smart and on my side, my dog is simply the greatest dog a person could ask for and I do running shoes and talk running and triathlon for a living. I can run, ride and swim with the best athletes in the world. Still! I mean really!
My World, I'm aiming to fix you!

It's a good life....

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