Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Much Love and Respect

Recently I've gotten comments from people reading this blog. Dave, are you ok? Let me know what I can do. This is not the Dave I knew from Road Runner Sports. I fully appreciate the concern and let me explain. I have always tried to be open an honest about my life. I have 6 priorities in life and when they gel I am the most content person in the world but when one doesn't it tends to be a spiral affect.

Those 6 are:
Mary and Marco
Work - Zoot
Recreation - Triathlon

So where did the current spiral start - probably Financial but I'll start with work. Was I told up front that I'd make 6 trips to China in one year, 2 trips to Germany, an estimated 15 other trips already this year to retailers, events and more. No. I was not told that would be the case and so I did not prep Mary and Marco, my Recreation and my Financial status for it. I'm also not blaming those who did not tell me. But because I am who I am, I put my head down and got it done. Now that I have time to reflect in this blog, I did not and am not doing it well or right. So that is why I have to fix my World. I have to fix my world with at least Two more trips to China this year, one trip to Germany and market trips that will put me out another 2+ weeks. If you add that up it's at least 5 total weeks on the road in hotels, on planes away from Mary and Marco between now and December 1st. I can and I will make this a better experience. This is why we call it life. This is why I get up every day with energy and endorphins to tackle it. It's never going to be perfect but if those 6 things are all headed in the right direction they sure can feel perfect to me and everyone I come in contact with.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out. I love all of you.

It's a good life....
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