Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time for Review

It's time to review those 2010 Goals. I'll get to this in the next week. We set goals to stretch us, we set goals to focus us and we set them to keep life as fresh as possible. Sometimes they come together with ease, sometimes they are really hard and sometimes they just don't go as planned. The great thing about this week is it will allow me to put down 2010 and get ready for 2011. If you know how my life as a product person goes, I've already started planning product for 2012. So half my battle is knowing what year it really is. More on that later.

An update on the back and stuff. The folks at Wolf Studio have been working hard to get me back to health. It's amazing sometimes what we consider health. For many that means true illness. For me it means running the 10 miles I ran yesterday comfortably. Right now I'm not so comfortable and it's not fitness it's body health. So anyway two sessions a week with them are doing wonders. Session #1 is always strength work. It's not your typical big weight stuff. It's 100% balance and form that then leads to strength. It's amazingly hard and that's because it geared towards my weak points. The other day is soft tissue massage. Today was spent mostly on my left shoulder that is ultra tight thanks, to cars, swimming and life. There was also some work done on my psoas muscles. If you ever want to feel pain have those muscles worked on. There's a fairly good chance yours are tight.

It's a good life....

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