Friday, November 26, 2010

Gone Primal

Recently if you've been reading I went Gluten Free about 2 months ago. The initial results were pleasing with a 5 lb drop in static weight. Yep, just by cutting wheat out of my diet. As of this week I've gone Primal. I've known Mark Sisson for who knows how many years. I've followed his website for probably as long as it has been up. I decided if I was going Gluten free I might as well go all the way and go Primal. For the most part outside of food I am primal. My coach Gordo, gives me a relatively primal system to follow. I get lots of sleep and I love to play. So the biggest change for me is food. First let me list out what I won't eat:

- Grains - Of any kind - Wheat, corn, oats, etc.
- Big Starchy things like potatoes.
- Legumes - I know, no more refried beans but that's ok.
- Coke - Oh my gosh!

What I will eat
- Meat - All Kinds
- Fruit
- Veggies - The golden rule - If you can eat them raw as well as cooked, eat them.

In reality, I feel better when I eat this way. It's not the first time I've done this it's simply something I feel I need to do to live. I plan to live a strong healthy life for a long time. Family history is against me. My father suffered a heart attack at 55 and my mother has Alzeimer's. So I have to do things fairly drastic to avoid both. That and I have been in an energy rut for too long. So getting serious about what goes into my body seems right.

If you look at the list of things I can eat it's tasty. Fruit is good right! Meat done right melts in your mouth. Eggs are perfect food and can be dressed up like this morning: 3 Eggs scrambled, Left over Tri Tip and a hint of cheddar cheese. Outstanding!

Now those of you who remember and tried the Adkins diet there is a major difference. That diet fully limited your carbs. In the Primal world Carbs are the basis of your diet just the naturally occurring good ones. Fruit and veggies are all carbs. If you eat them, the right one's they are good for you. So those athletes that worry I'm eating too much fat and not enough carbs, wait and see. So far it's really good. No issues with energy in fact my energy is strong.

It's a good life...
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