Saturday, November 20, 2010

You Can Go Back

This morning Germany time I ran an old loop I used to to when we lived there. It was a rough night thanks to some severe jet lag so I had no expectations on the run. But sometimes that's the best thing when running. As it turned out this morning no expectations led to a great run. The run took place entirely in the dark. I started through the town of Grossenseebach, ran by our old house and out the farm track. Then back towards the forest. There was enough light from the moon that the paths were easy to see. That is until I entered the forest. In the forest everything went black so I relied on memory. It's interesting how much I remembered. I knew where the dips in the trail were, I knew in the super dark section where the trail went off camber. It was actually really cool to experience. Overall the 54 minutes run flew by. I guess that's because I was absolutely enjoying the run. I can't wait to do it again some time.

It's a good life....
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