Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adapt to your Surroundings

Failure is an Event not a person. Yesterday ended last night - Zig Zigglar

Often I struggle with people I work with. Specifically what I know about shoes, how to make them and then how to get a business going within a company that is very conservative in nature and very methodical. Sometimes more often then I'd like to admit I get frustrated with this. It came to me today after talking with a like minded individual, that we need to adapt to our surroundings. My friend has adapted because he's the lone wolf in the huge hairy ball of a building. So what does this mean exactly.

The people I work with think in Spread Sheets. They are trained engineers and everything is a project plan.  I on the other hand am a real world believer. That running isn't done in a lab it's done on the streets, trails and tracks. The only calendar I keep is the one I write down for Mary and the one in my head. I've never found a Spreadsheet I like. But here is where I need to adapt. For although I don't like them, I can speak, think and communicate in spreadsheet form. And if that's how it has to get done to do what I need to do then that's how it's got to be. There are those who can adapt and those that can't. Those that can't usually don't last very long. I plan on lasting so long that the table will turn and free thinking, getting stuff done quickly and all else

It's a good life....
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