Sunday, November 13, 2011

Out and about

This past week I was in NYC for the NYC Marathon. I did many things around the race like working the expo but departed the night before the race. One day I should stay and do it. From there it was off to Belgium for the Zoot European Sales meeting. 

My View at the NYC Marathon most every day. How the face of running has changed. 

 The way into town. Spa Belgium. 
 Can't see the bottom from the top. It's a big drop. 
 Typical train station in small town Europe. 
 City Center Brussels. 
 Overnight flight. 3 hour train ride. I'm starving and this is the first meal I've had since NYC 20 hours ago. The menu said Fillet Americana. I should have known it was a French Joke. Raw hamburger meat, with a raw egg to put on top. It was actually very tasty.

The reason for the travels. I wonder what that is?

It's a good life....
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