Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Five Update on Life

Step #1 in getting out of your little world: Show Your Vulnerability - Tripp Lanier - The New Man Podcast

  1. My computer crashed over a week ago which is why you have not heard from me. It was about time on that computer. I bought while living in Germany and it got used.
  2. For four years I was forced to own Zoot. Not literally but because of the set up with the parent company there was no day to day leadership at Zoot. I knew from experience that leadership is not a title and anyone can lead so I took it upon myself to lead the brand. Just over a year ago after multiple urging from myself and others at Zoot a General Manager was brought in to lead the brand. I thought I could work in that situation but I think it's like the owner trap. When you sell your business out of need or want the owner usually lasts a year in the company before they decide to leave. Some are forced out but most leave on their own because they feel like they don't belong any longer. I fell into that owner trap.
  3. The daily question is "What are you going to do?" I've spent the last three weeks on that. Let's just say for now that the options are wide and each one has a bit of excitement to it. As soon as my decision is made you'll know about it. That being said, if you read this regularly and feel like contacting me for my expertise leave a comment or find me on Facebook and let's talk. Nobody in the running shoe business has my experience. There are many that have like experiences but nobody has the complete experience I have. I'm confident that experience is worth something to someone for something.
  4. The side benefit of not working is extreme fitness. It's not all swim bike run fitness either. I'm on the paddle board often, in the water snorkeling often and just spending more time doing stuff than not doing stuff. For running you'll find me at the Sunday run at 8:00am out of Cardiff and Monday night at Moving Shoes or Cardiff
  5. The ALSicebucketchallenge is growing. If you have a Facebook account you've seen it. It's interesting to me that I have not been challenged but I'm sure it's coming. You may or may not know but on April 1, 2013 my brother Bob was diagnosed with ALS. It has progressed very rapidly. Today he sits in a hospital bed in the living room of his house. He has no movement in any body part but his eyes. He can't speak, which makes communicating very difficult. He has little to no facial expression. His two boys and his wife take care of him. They feed him through a tube and wipe his ass for him. An Hospice Nurse visits him daily to look after his health and give him a bath. His mind is 100% intact. That's write his mind is 100% aware of what's going on, it it's thinking normal and it's emotional yet he can't share it. So I urge you to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge either through the ice or through your wallet. This is a terrible disease. Nobody ever survives it and mentally they 100% know what's going to happen. It's terrible. We need to find a cure or at least the cause of ALS.

It's a good life....

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