Friday, August 8, 2014

Time to Rest

In the last week I have been gifted a few quotes.

"Dave you need to rest, take a break" - when it doesn't feel like work why would I need a break from it? Yes there is room for rest improvement but flying around the world to build a brand is not tiring work. It can actually be quite energizing.

"I have no time to take a break I thought it would get easier but it does not, it just keeps getting harder" - This from a sales rep with the hottest brand on the market. That's a person that does not love his work.

"Do you know how old that man is? He's 91" - this after the 91 year old ran through the locker room encouraging his older set buddies to get fired up about their up coming swim.

You can control your attitude and your activity. Don't throw your tired overworked attitude on me, I will have none of it. A positive attitude and positive activity may just get you to a happy healthy 91. At least that's my attitude.

It's a good life....

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