Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My MAF Running Plan

One of the great things about a MAF running plan is there is no prep time for the run. I can get out and run at MAF (Max Aerobic Fitness) any time of the day. One of my favorite trails is literally right across the street from our house. It's an undulating trail made up of wide wood chipped trails, single track and a long gradual uphill in grass. One lap is 1.3 miles. It's real easy get 4 miles in "quickly" without ever leaving the community. I've even at times done multiple laps on the mountain bike.

The green start arrow is our house. 

Yesterday I swam with the Master's Group. I usually do that twice a week. The lane I usually swim in was full (8 swimmers) and the two next to it were empty. I jumped into one of the empty lanes and some of the swimmers from my normal lane jumped in. The normal lane is a 1:35/100 lane. The lane I jumped into is typically the 1:30/100 lane. The coach "Hux" said "you swim in this lane it's 1:30". Everyone pointed to me to lead. About half way through the main set Hux yells at the people following me "Come on you should be ashamed you are letting a skinny runner kick your butt". 

I got out knowing. Before figuring out my "health" issues and backing off on the run pace I would not have lead that lane. Yesterday I just kept getting stronger as the Swim workout continued on. 

It's a good life....
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