Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to Make Your Day Great

Yesterday I got the chance to listen to Joe Desena talk. Joe is the creator of the Spartan Race series. Joe is a motivating guy but not in the rah rah sense. He's gets straight to the point and says things very matter of fact like.

His Quote "I get up most morning do 200-300 Burpees and then take a cold shower. There is nothing pleasant about 200 burpees in fact they suck and a cold shower is simply terrible. When I do that though I know my day can't possibly be worse but in fact I know my day is going to get better from there."

We often go out the door to make the run, ride or swim the best part of our day. I think getting up early to be in the pool by 6 am totally sucks. In fact it's one of the worst feelings I know. This is especially true in the winter, even in San Diego. Buy I do it because my days is always better knowing that crap is done with.

It's a good life...

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