Monday, November 30, 2015

Swim Test

Did a Swim test today with some good results. Given the pain in my shoulder earlier I'm quite happy with the result.

The test:
1000 Yards
Hold to every third stroke breathing for as long as possible (this means breath on both sides).

I did this test in August and swam 14:55
Breathing held through the swim.

I did this test one month ago after a 3 week break 15:25
Breathing went to every other stroke after 400

Today 14:51
Breathing held to 800 yards.

My swimming over the last month has been.

4 days/week.
Monday: Easy no stress 30 minutes
Tuesday - Band Work
Thursday - Band Work
Saturday- Band Work

70% of the swims have been with a band around my ankles.and swim snorkle
60% of that was Band and Buoy - No paddles (remember the shoulder)
40% is Band no Buoy - Just try it!
Interval rest 10 seconds.

In other words all strength no speed in the pool.

It's a good life..

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