Thursday, November 12, 2015

Iron----Man and Shoes

This is a quick update.

I've done some blood testing over the last year that shows a host of things to work on. One glaring marker is the Iron content in my blood. What I know under the medical side is my Iron content is on the high side but not alarming. On the functional medicine side it's alarming. What's most alarming is that there is one way to reduce iron, give blood. I've done that 4 times this year. In each case the iron content goes down. Not long after that however the iron content goes back up.

Next Steps
1. Ordered a Genetic test from 23 and Me to determine if the iron issue is genetic.
2. If genetic there is an exemption to get from a doctor to give blood faster than the allowed amount of once every 58 days.
3. If it's not continue to give blood and measure to determine the correct cadence.

Current ferritin level is 160 and goal is below 100.

Next up I'm back into fitness. It's going slow and I like that. I've rushed my fitness way to much in my former years. There is no rush right now. Simply feel better each time I go out is the goal.

I've started a You Tube channel for Shoe Ranger. I'm not sure how where it will go but It's been fun so far.
It's a good life....

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