Friday, November 13, 2015

Still Learning - Swim Training

Bought a swim snorkel the other day.

Plan on using it regularly to work on my body position in the water.

At the same time I'm easy my way into the water after a good rest.

My Swim:

600 Warm up - Easy - I'm working in the warm up on my survival stroke. As our son prepares for Marine Boot Camp and beyond I decided to work on the survival stroke with him. It's a good change of pace. The other day a Special Operator was in the pool and same stoke for stroke with me. Me swimming a 1000yard timed swim freestyle and he swimming survival stroke. We had a good conversation after that.

Main Set - 200 with snorkel, paddles, pull buoy and ankle band, 2 x 100 snorkel, paddles and ankle band ending with 4 x 50 no toys perfect form. I did this twice through. The 200 with all the toys felt smooth. The 2 100's without the buoy was the learning. My first 100 was finished in 1:45. On the 200 that felt easy I average 1:25. The effort to swim that 100 was immense. Trying to keep my legs afloat was difficult. Can't wait to do that again.

It's a good life...

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