Saturday, September 24, 2016

Determination and Dumbass

In a recent Tim Ferriss podcast Tim let Jocko Willink answe questions from listeners. Jocko is a former Navy Seal with extensive combat experience. He talks real when the questions come to how he did what he did. He also regularly talks about how much he respects the work of the Marines. I can't help to think of my son every time Jocko talks. You can listen to the podcast and his words of wisdom here:

I'm doing my first 70.3 length triathlon tomorrow. It's the SuperFrog and I entered because proceeds go the the US Military and I'm partial to that these days. The race usually starts on the Navy Base on Coronado but because of construction they moved the start to Imperial Beach (IB). IB sits and the very Southern end of San Diego County. Just south is the mouth of the Tijuana River. When it rains the flow from the river increases and usually pushes the water north closing down the beaches for 15 miles. It rained heavy this week and for days the beach at IB has been closed due to sewage. Postings warn swimmers. Today the beach was closed yet the Triathletes were in the water trying to get used to the surf. I asked a couple of athletes if the beach closure had been lifted. They said "What beach closure". I pointed to the signs. They pointed to the suffers. I simply said using surfers as a judge is not a good idea. They suff in sludge if the waves are good. Then one woman went off on me about how much she knows about the beach closures and that the water was safe. I simply said "I just asked a question, It's your choice to risk your health, you don't need to defend it" Is a triathlon really worth a bacterial infection from sewage in the water? This is not the Olympics folks.

It's a good life....

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