Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Run Test June 27, 2017

Before I get to run testing, this Friday we are heading to Hawaii to see this boy or should I say man. He's based there with his Marine unit and we haven't seen him since he shipped out in February. The longest time we've ever been apart. We already have a plan to run and can't wait for the other things we are going to do with him. That tattoo is new and it's the single cover to the song Vicarious by Tool. More impressive than the tattoo is the size of the arm. 

Today was run test day. I've been really bad at consistently doing any kind of testing. I've committed to doing it because it's the only way of knowing if what you are doing has any effect. I've settled on a loop that's easy to get to and basically closed to traffic. There are two roads you have to cross and every once in awhile you have to stop for cars but it's rare. For those of you who know San Diego North County running the look is the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Course trail. It's 4.53 miles and it's not easy. It's rarely flat, there are a couple sustained climbs one sustained decent and then a bunch of sections that are either 2% going up or 2% going down. Most of it is on wood chips and some of it is thick. 

The one thing you may have read is as you get closer to 50 your ability to recover is the biggest change in your running or endurance activities. I've really started to notice that this year. That's why I'm playing around with the length of a block. It used to be I could go on 7 days rotation but there isn't enough rest anymore in 7 days. So right now any long or hard stuff is separated by 8 days. This includes 1 day completely nothing and one day with no legs. This test proves that maybe I need more recovery. I'll keep at it test again and decide. 

My current pre-workout drink. What I like most of all is out fast it clears through my body. 

The Test
Today.                                                                   1 Month Ago
M1 7:18                                                                7:11
M2 7:57.                                                               7:35 
M3 7:15.                                                               7:09 
M4 7:15.                                                               7:13 
.53. 3:39.                                                               3:43
33:25.                                                                   32:53

The first 2 miles seemed dramatically hard today. It was much hotter today and the sun was bright where last month it was cooler and overcast. Next time I'll be sure to go earlier when it's cooler to see if that is the key. Overall I'm pleased for a couple reasons: 

  1. I did the test
  2. I was really dizzy during the first mile and instead of baggin it I stuck to it. 
  3. I felt much stronger on the hills. 
It's a good life....

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