Sunday, June 25, 2017

Swimming Into Shape

I know this isn't a swimming photo. It's the hill I finish every ride on. It's another good test about feeling in shape. When this hill is easy then I'm getting there. 

I love swimming for the simple fact that when I'm in shape in the pool, I'm in fairly good shape everywhere else. I'm not a sit in an swim kind of guy. When I go to the pool my intentions are to go until my arms feel like they are falling off. My swim program is simple, 3 master's sessions each block which currently is every 8 days. Because it's not set on 7 days the swim days are not consistent. This creates some problems in that there are no easy swim days.That's what I want "I think" anyway. The workout today: 

Just the Main Set
Base +5.                                   Base.                          Base -5
100                                           100                              50.         Round 1
200.                                         2x100.                         2 x 50.    Round 2
300.                                         3 x 100.                       3 x 50.    Round 3
400.                                         4 x 100.                       4 x 50     Round 4

The total swim was 4500 yards. I led the lane, the base was 1:30 and I just made it on 40 seconds for the 50's. Not in fast swim shape but just leading a set like this was confidence building. 

It's a good life....

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