Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Political Posts on Social Media

You may be asking yourself "Why is Dave posting political comments on Social Media lately?"

There are two reasons really:

  1. My wife is my usual outlet. In the house I sit slightly left of center and she sits really far left. If I happen to get upset with something our current President does or doesn't do my reaction is tame compared to hers. In fact you should read our Whatapp dicsussions. That said she's not here to talk to get it all out. 
  2. A number of family members sit quite right of center. In fact a recent dinner turned politics and I left with my mouth open in disbelief. Like what about objectifying women? "We've heard worse from men" What about Russia "There is noting with Russia". OK how about a lack of respect for the office he sits in "We like his freshness" 
So that's why I've become more vocal. 

It's a good life....

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