Sunday, August 27, 2017

Running in Big Bear Lake, CA

I've always enjoyed Big Bear Lake, CA. Some of my best triathlons from a performance standpoint occurred in that area. It's where I learned how to ski. It's also where our sone did cross country camps with his club team leading into the season. So when a couple friends said they were running a 50K there I asked to tag along.

We were only there from late Friday afternoon to early Saturday afternoon. My friends were up early to catch a shuttle to the start of their race. I went with them and started my run from the finish line of the events for the weekend. At the time 6:30am two 100 mile finishers had come in.

My plan was to have some coffee and a little to eat before my run. I walked down to the coffee shop and they were closed. It would be 30 minutes before they opened. I was dressed to run. In other words I had shorts and a shirt on. It was in the mid 50's and I didn't feel like hanging out for 30 minutes. I decided to run on an empty stomach.

The sunrise was both beatiful and warm. It was actually quite easy to warm up because the run started with 3 miles of climiing to Skyline road. It wasn't so steep I couldn't run, but it was plenty steep. Once at the top it leveled off for a bit and then went up some more. It tops out at 7,940 feet above sea level. 

About 3/4 of the way up the first climb the 3rd place 100 mile runner came by with his pacer. His pacer asked "Is this the way?". I can only imagine what it feels like at 97 miles into the race. The course markings parobaly seem slight. Especially if you happen to miss one of the markings. I assured them they were on the right path. Funny story the guy that won the race went off course and ran 6 extra miles. That's kind of insane. 

It's always fun to come up on things unexpected. I did not expect to find a USMC recreation center on my route. It's a place where Marine families can come to camp, ride mountain bikes, hike and simply enjoy the fresh high mountain air of Big Bear Lake.

My friends cut there run short. I was walking to the finish line long after my run. I thought I would have at least an hour to sit and watch the ultra runners finishing. I was almost to the turn to the finish line when my friends pulled up to pick me up. They cut the course short because they were mentally out of it. We went back to the condo, they showered and we had a great lunch. 

Totally fun 22 hours in Big Bear. I can't wait to go again. 

It's a good life...

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