Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bring it On!

The weather that is. Today was sensational. 65 degrees, sunny and barely a wind. It was the kind of day you just wanted to be outside. Although the German kids were still wearing there overcoats (I believe the rule is April 1st) Marco was out back with the water in bare feet. Our back yard gets extra warm when the sun it out like it was today.
I also managed to watch two cross country ski events and the winter biathlon. Clearly snow or lack of snow is an issue all over Europe. The only place that looked like it had much snow was Sweden where they showed a 4 x 10 K men's classic ski race. No I didn't sit and watch it through but it was cool to watch. Those guys fly and are working it. I also watched a short men's race of 18 minutes. It was a good race and an American hammered home for 3rd place. The Americans are fairly competitive in both cross country and biathlon. Still my favorite though is the biathlon. I was watching the women's skake ski relay from eastern Europe. Not much snow there either but enough to ski on. Anyway the race for first and second was not super interesting both teams were really good skiing teams but most important they were great shooting teams. The Ukrain won the event and Germany was second. The real race was for third. Norway had a slight gap on Slovakia going into the final leg. The girl from Slovakia made up the gap quick and came into the laydown shooting about 10 seconds up. The Norway girl calmly came in and hit all her targets. The Slovaking girl missed two and made up one of them (you only get a couple chances to do this). Because she had one target left closed she had to do a short Penalty loop. The second time they came in to shoot this time standing up the girl from Norway calmly hit all her targets. The girl from Slovakia missed three. At the finish Norway got the Bronze and I think Slovakia finished 6th. That's what is great about Biathlon, it's not just great skiing that gets it done.

Well today was good but the outlook looks a bit bleak. Cooler temperatures rain turning to snow on Friday. We'll see if that holds out.

Have a great week!

It's a good life.....

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