Friday, February 22, 2008

The Run Test

The pictures above are from the track at the World of Sports. The statue is of Adi Dassler who probably did more to start the sport revolution especially when it comes to performance footwear, than any other single person. He watches over the track and football (soccer) field his two passions in sport. It's a really cool place to run.
Today I did the run test. I don't think I deserve to actually run on this track with Adi watching. Test was not stellar. I learned something though, Never put tests back to back to back again. I was really tired today from the tests on Wednesday and Thursday. So just after this test I formulated my plan. They will be spread out over the month now which I think will be much better. So without any further explanation here is the result.
Test Time Distance Avg HR
Run 8:00 2100 meters 166
Although I have nothing to judge this by, it's rather slow. I had no snap in my legs and it was a really windy day today. I'll be my HR on the back 1/2 of the track was 10 beats higher than the front half due to the wind. It's not an excuse just a reality. My next run test is two to three weeks away so I will have something to compare it to.
Adi, I hope you accept me back on the track. I will try to honor it next time.
It's a good life....

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