Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Swim Test

I'll have to say that I am spoiled by the pools in San Diego. Finding a time here where I can swim a straight line (which I do) and not be interrupted by some breast stroking, head above the water "swimmer" is difficult. As you can see by the picture here, there are two lanes marked off and the rest of the pool is open for open lap swimming. Roped off, this is a great pool but most of the time because of swim practices I am stuck navigating my way through the open part. The thought of pool edicate hasn't quite reached this part of the world yet. So this is why I am pool spoiled. Finding a lane to swim in is a peace of cake in the countless pools in SD.
Anyway, the test was completed today without interruption. This test will gives me the workout times for the next 4 weeks. In other words when I swim I know where my rest should be in between efforts. So without further craziness here are the results:
Test Date Distance Time Time/100
1/21 500 meters 7:46 1:33
2/20 1000 meters 16:24 1:38
Body Weight: 153.6lbs
So my weight goes up and I slow down. I'm not too worried at this point though. My weight has gone up for two reasons. First is some fairly intense workouts in the gym. I'll show pictures in a few weeks. Next and probably more influencial is I have cut wheat and dairy from my diet. My buddy Chris did that and put on 10lbs of muscle. I'm guessing that's what is happening to me. My shoulders, well let's just say I have them now. All of this and I have not been swimming all that much. January was a wash due to work. February including today has 4 swimming days. But it will get better.
Until tomorrow,
It's a good life.....
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