Monday, July 28, 2008

Panama Again

I know, it's been awhile since I last posted. When the tour is on priorities change. What a Tour de France it was! The best team won. Carlos Sastre, rider for rider probably wasn't the best in the field but he had the best team that surronded him and protected him the entire tour and that's why he was fresh on the big days. Cycling is such a team sport in that way. When Lance was winning he had both going for him. He was the best rider in the bunch and he had the strongest team every year. That's a combination that will win every tour. Not really easy to do though.
So yes, I'm back in Panama. The third time this year. I'm really getting used to the city and of course I love all the people I work with. They just have a passion and energy for what they do. The big difference this trip is Marco and Mary are joining me and we are going on vacation in Panama. I know it sounds crazy. We live half way around the world and choose Panama but there are huge benefits. The Euro is really strong and we get paid in Euros. Panama other than that really big ditch called the Canal is not really on the map of heavy tourism. So we are heading to some little known Islands in the Carribean for sun, warm water and fun. It has all the things we love, Spanish Language, great food and the above necesities. Germany was just plain ugly the last two weeks. For more than a week it seemed we were heading to a really early Fall. The temperature dropped 10-15 degrees Centigrade (that's a huge jump for you Americans), the wind picked up and lots of rain. The two big Ironman distance races in the area were raced in poor conditions. Athletes in both races complained about being cold. Anyway it's hot here in Panama and we like Hot.
I'll post some pictures from Panama and other adventures on this 4 week trip for me.
It's a good life...

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