Monday, May 11, 2009

3 months

My Hot wife!
My totally Cool Son

A glimpse of his future!
3 months is a long time. The German process of giving 3 months notice at your job and 3 months notice on your rental is crazy. I know the process is put in place to protect everyone but I don't fully understand it. Maybe on month three I'll begin to appreciate it but just not yet.
One thing I'm fully understanding in this process is I'd fail without Mary. She is so organized and in charge it's great. In the span of about 3 days she had virtually everything we don't want sold. The only things that haven't sold are our beds and I'm kind of with the buyers, I'm not sure I would buy anothers bed.
The other part of the 3 months is just how cool it's going to be. Here's a glimpse of our plans:
May 24. Ironman 70.3 Austria
May 31 - Off weekend
June 6 - Mary and friends to Istanbul - Marco and I to Rock im Park (3 days of rock n roll)
June 13 - Challenge Germany (70.3)
June 20 - Marco and I travel to see Berlin
June 24 - Our stuff is packed and shipped to California
And there is more.
It's a good life.....

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