Friday, May 1, 2009

One Try

I was listening to my IPod while walking Scout the other day. It’s a shuffle and when I load it I do so randomly. The current mix of songs is a powerful set. One song caught my attention more than the others and the chorus starts with you’ve only got one Try. So I thank Switchfoot for my thoughts today.
You’ve only got one try
-to make that first impression
-to say I love you to her for the first time
- To raise a child (or children)
- To live
- To Change the World
It is this last one that means a great to Mary and I. Change the World. What a concept. Change the World has so many meanings. For Mary that started close to 20 years ago when the City of Los Angeles was in incredible turmoil. The riots of LA were going on, Mary was at home in Arizona embarking on a Masters Degree. She quit the masters program moved back to San Diego and went to school to become a teacher. Her dream was to Change the World back then. She’s been doing it ever since.
My dream started right around the time I crossed the Ironman Hawaii finish line for the first time. I realized then that I wanted to be involved in sport for the rest of my life. Not long after that first finish I started selling running shoes. I learned that I could help people live their life through running just by putting the right shoes on their feet. From those first few months of selling shoes to today my goal has always been to change lives through running and triathlon. The ability to cross the Finish Line you never thought you’d cross can alter your life forever. It’s an amazing feeling that I want others in this world to have.
Well, we haven’t been doing a really good job of either recently. For Mary it’s because we live so far away from her hub. For me it’s for lack of trying more than anything. Both of these are about to change. Thanks in part to the school district leave of absence policy; we’ve decided to pack our bags and move back home. We know for sure that all three of us will be in San Diego in August. How that all works out is still in the planning.
Mary will be working in the San Diego School District and will be closer to the foundation she started a few years back. That Foundation, First in My Family, currently has 4 students in University with partial funding and has influenced so many more to take the extra leap beyond high school. Without Mary and First in My Family there is no telling where these kids would be today. One thing we know for sure is they will come back to be a change agent in their community all because someone gave them a chance. If you know Mary like I know her, she’s just starting. She wants to help develop 1000’s of change agents. The inner city of San Diego could use them.
As for me, I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be doing for a living. I’m confident though that I will be involved in the sports I love. If you need a running, swimming or riding partner to motivate your rear end I’m always up for a good flogging.

In the coming months I'll post many of my thoughts about living in Germany and working for the great brand that is the 3 Stripes.

It’s a good life…..

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Estela said...

This is by far my favorite blog. I am so happy you are coming back. :) I really miss you guys.