Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Can You do this?

Ah Vienna.............

Rest in peace Steve. I'll be sitting on your wheel, along with the rest of us. - Chuckie V

The other day at the breakfast table we were talking about all the cool places Marco has been. He had just added country 22, Slovakia. I asked him "Name all the countries that border Germany". He got all but one. "Name all the countries that border Austria" again all but one. "Name all the states that border California", all but one. You can look at it two ways. He's really consistent with missing one each time or he's a worldly kid. He has a memory of almost every place he's been. Because he's a kid it could be the oversized Dog he saw on the streets of Stockholm but it's a memory of the thing in a place he's been. Show him a map and ask him to find Stockholm and he will. I'm a big believer that this will take him far. The more he knows about the world, the more the world will open doors for him when he gets older.

Another benefit of being a kid is you do goofy things and get away with it. Here's one for you to try. Marco can sing Sir Mix-a-Lots Baby got Back - In German.

It's a good life....


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