Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleepless Nights, Birthday Parties and 27 teeth....

27 Teeth

We are in a world of trouble. Marco has started a trend that can only lead to trouble as he gets older. The last few slumber parties he attended he had done the same thing. This past Friday he stayed at a buddy's house. We warned the parents that Marco may not sleep. He didn't. He stayed up all night watching movies and playing videos. He paid dearly for this act but feels no remorse. He slept through a great deal of the day today, Sunday. Ask him maybe he should have slept on Friday and he says, No. Uh Oh! What's going to happen when he's in High School.
..Mr. Jewell.. This is Jody's mom. Marco and Jody are not home yet. It's 5:00am! Any Idea where they might be?
Birthday Parties - Last night as hard as we tried we threw a surprise 40th Birthday party for Mary. We had it all planned out. The guests would be at the pub, we would walk in and they would all yell "Surprise". The problem is timing. The goal time was 7:30pm. We had a son who hadn't slept in some 35 hours and Mary was driving to an early evening. I tried stalling as much as possible but no. We were in the Pub at 6:30 ordering dinner. It all worked out though. Mary was quite surprised, and a good time was had. Marco faded quickly so he and I left early to get him to bed. Mary and her friends stayed on and had a good time catching up. She has surrounded herself with really good friends. They are going to miss her terribly and she's going to miss them too.
27 Teeth
So the last few races I've done I've come back saying "I need more gear to get up those hills". Then I forget about the race, do my training, mash up the hills and race again. Same result. I think part of it is Ego, I don't need more gear, and part of it is I'm cheap. Why spend more money on this bike. Well yesteday I broke down, paid 55 euros and got myself some new teeth....lots of them in fact. You see the biggest gear I had on the back was 21 teeth. Remember now that bigger on the back mean's easier. Yesterday I put on a new set of gears and now I have a 21,24 and a 27. Today I tested this on the steep hills in the Faconian Switzerland. Go figure, I road the hills much faster and with much less strain. In fact dare I say, I was dancing on the pedals today. Imagine what it would be if I listened to myself in the first place.
It's a good life....
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