Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Donner Kebab

The Donner Kebab - Found all over the world in some form (meat) or other hails orginally from Turkey. In the UK the choice meat is lamb as it was in Turkey. As you can imagine by the pictures below that this could be almost any combination of meat. After all, how do you get a chunk of meet that big anyway. Well here in Germany because everything has a rule there is a rule of what this can be made of. Most notably you can't just throw any combination of meat together. So if it says Chicken it has to be chicken. If it says Lamb, you get it.
The history in Germany goes back to post WWII. As you may know there was a shortage of workforce after the war. Most able bodied individuals were used in the war as foot soldiers. So when building the country back up became a priority they needed workers. They looked to Turkey for that labor force. The Turkish came here and didn't want to leave and, they found they had food people liked to eat. Some dude in Berlin altered the taste to fit the German pallet (made it less spicy) and that's how Donner is sold today.

Today after coach had me run 100 minutes, I decided I was hungry for Donner and so I went to our favorite truck. Yes, the picture below is where I bought it. Can you believe Super Dave is buying his food from a truck. Did I ever step foot outside the RRS buiding as the coach pulled up to sell breakfast? No of course not, but here in Germany why not. This truck actually never leaves its spot. It's always there. The guy behind the counter is super freindly and is always happy to serve.

Most people pay 3.50 for a Donner Kebab. It's a huge sandwich with Donner piled high, lettuce, tomato, sauce (Yogurt sauce) and pepper spice. This below is a Donner Teller. It's a bed of rice with the Donner (Turkey) piled on top, sauce and pepper. A side salad too. Wow did it taste good.

I'm not sure I'm going to miss Donner as much as I miss mexican food here. In fact I know I won't. I do no that one day in September the subject of dinner will come up and Marco will say, I wish we could go get Donner. Mary and I will be with him on that thought.
It's a good life....

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