Monday, June 29, 2009

What I won't miss in Germany

Now first let me start with this: I/we really like Germany. I highly suggest if you have a chance to visit here, or live here, do it. It's a great place to live.

Some of this will be your standard ranting.
Some will show up on what I will miss. How can that be? You'll have to read to find out.
Some will be directed at my current employer. adidas is a great company but there are some things that belong on this list so I can't hold back.

I must say that this was not my idea. It first came from Mary in her Blog but she was simply too busy to do it. I'm sure many things here will be similar but it would be great to hear from her too.

Finally I will update this blog daily from now until I land in San Diego on August 11th. The rest of the posts will be what I will miss about Germany. That deserves more time because I'm convinced you need to visit this country or this part of the world. So without further preface, let's get started.

1. Sunday's - I understand Sunday is the day of rest, worship and family but give me a break. Sunday is also a day of business and when I work all week and you close at 8:00pm, Saturday just isn't enough to get things done.

2. Winter Darkness - The opposite will show up in one of my daily posts. During the winter the sun comes up about 8:30am and goes down at 4:30pm.

3. Auto Bahn - Another that will show up on the other side. Don't let them fool you though. For the most part it's full of traffic especially huge slow trucks carrying goods across Europe as well as contruction every 20K in the summer.

4. Pools - There is a reason Germany is not a super power in Swimming. Who wants to swim train in your pools. Excuse me if I feel like I'm getting in your fat, head up breast stroking way. And why paint lines on the bottom of the pool if you aren't going to use them.

5. Smoking at the Finish line - I'm sick of it. It's fine if you can do a 70.3 race and then light up 10 minutes later. I don't want it. Keep the smoke out of my face.

6. Rain - Portland/Seattle people stop right now. I believe the rain here is different. It's miserable especially in the winter.

7. Mudd - See #6.

8. Ticks - What use in the world are ticks? Mike Miller you are not allowed to give me the scientific use. Scout comes home every morning covered. That anti tick company is making bank in this country.

9. Rabbit Hunts - What's the game in this. Your dog scares them and you shoot them with a shot gun. In our back yard no less.

10. Reunification Tax - And all the other crazy taxes, Church, TV, Dog, etc. I already pay huge income tax, isn't that enough?

11. Not having a car - Mary I know you have said over and over that all I have to do is plan and I can have the car. It's not the same as having my own. Don't worry, the bike commute will show up on the daily things I will miss.

12. Dog Rules - Scout is fine off the leash. She is actually more scared of you than you are of her. She can also kick your trained pure bread dog's but in a listening/command contest. She's never been trained and will stop on a Euro if you tell her.

13. Retail stores - It's just not the same as the over-retail of the USA.

14. Food - Can we get some variety here? Living in one of the top food producers in the world (California) has it's benefits. One is the pure variety of food. Fruit I need Fruit. (Apples don't count any more)

15. Wet Smelly dog - See posts 6 & 7.

16. CNN International - Can you just stop repeating the story over and over. There are other things going on in the world. Stop it already.

17. Summer - Today appears to be the first real Summer day this Summer. History tells me that this, with lots of rain in between, will last until August.

18. August Winter - OK so it's not that bad. A good August day in Germany seems to be equal to the worst day in San Diego in November.

19. Charlie De Gaul Airport Paris - I know I buchered the name. It's the worst airport in the world. If you want or have to go to Paris, fly to London and take the train. You'll get there faster.

20. Shudders - Again this will show up in what I'l miss but Shudders have their use. Here in this part of the world they seem to make a statement that says "We want to be left alone, buzz off".

21. The Big Brand - Don't get me wrong I respect adidas and Adi Dassler. I believe that not even he thought everyone should be draped head to toe in adidas. It seems like Big Brands will brand anything. I suggest you all read Lovemarks. You may change your thinking.

22. Arrogance - Funny coming from an American. It's different and it's not just the natives.

23. The Gym at adidas - The largest sports brand in the world and this is what you have. Shame on you.

24. The feeling that athletes cheat here - I'm sorry but if you are 45 years old and are going 4:22 in a 70.3 I'm suspicious. Tim Sheeper a former damn good Pro and my old roomate can't go that fast right now and it's not because he's not trying.

25. Meetings with 7 men in the room talking about the needs and wants of women - Boy is that getting old. Let me elaborate. We need women in the room to have this discussion and when they are in the room we need to listen to them. Further elaboration; my history of working with some increadibly bright and smart women tells me that they ask questions. The ask lots of questions and it's usually because they are smarter than we are and are trying to clarify things. They also don't feel stupid like we do to ask the questions.

26. If a woman can run this country, why can't a woman be in management?

27. Ski Jumping

28. Curling

29. Poker - It's not a sport and I apologize because you get it from the USA.

30. Rally Cars - Folks you protect the environment with great care. Rally cars do not.

31. Stripes - That is not a hamburger you are serving. I should not complain about this because I can choose not to eat there but please many days your options are really horrible.

32. Coffee - I'm not a big time coffee drinker but I have a good idea of what is good. Go to Vienna or Spain and bring it back.

33. Radio - Those songs were bad when they came out in 1985. They are still bad. By the way Pink is good but she's not that good.

I think that covers it. Again, this seems like a super long list and that I hate the experience. Believe me I could come up with a much longer list about San Diego. It's really to get things started and maybe to make you laugh.

It's a good life....

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