Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm a Pro Triathlete

I was having this conversation yesterday with a co-worker. It's been on my mind since I read an article written by Molina on what it takes to be a pro. This is a bit of a rant so hold on.......
I started this sport when it was young. I followed it out to California and it was a dream come true to train with the best athletes in the world. I worked hard but for whatever reason I wasn't as good as they were. What I took from those Pro Triathletes was a work ethic. The successful Pros worked harder than the people who called themselves a pro. That doesn't mean they trained more or smarter they simply worked harder. They raced more than anyone. Lets talk Mark Montgomery for a second. He had talent but he surely wasn't the most talented. He raced everywhere he could. If there was $200 on the line he raced. If there was $10,000 on the line he raced. I don't think he got rich but he made a living off the sport. Now look at the big names, Paula, Greg, ST, Molina, Pigg, Jones, Allen. Did they race so much because they were really good and could win? Did they win because they raced so much? I think they just went out and raced, and fought for victory. They were/are a sponsors dream because they raced all the time. You only remember a guy like Mark or Peter saving themselves for Hawaii. They did that after they won. Before they won they raced as much as they could.

Today I look at people who call themselves a Pro Triathlete and I cringe. Just because you have that Pro Card (and there are a lot of you)doesn't make you a Pro. Turning Pro and improving 6 minutes on your Ironman time doesn't make you a Pro. A Pro makes a living off the sport. A Pro works super hard for sponsors (by the way, just thanking them on your Blog is not enough). Nobody is going to win the Ironman World Championships by racing Ironmans around the world. Nobody has and nobody will. I love the attitude of a guy like Chris Lieto. He is a one man racing and marketing machine. He's done more with less than anyone out there. His attitude is race the best every weekend. The dude hopes to race Macca and Crowie and Potts. He want's to go head to head. He has become the Icon of a shoe brand. Believe, me nobody handed it to him. My point, if you carry a Pro Card, be a Pro. Race your tail off. If it works, make lots of money and enjoy it. If it doesn't that's ok but at least you chased it.

Thanks for reading my rant. This is what happens when the Popcorn Popper wakes you up at 3:15am and you can't go back to sleep. Don't ask!

It's a good life.....

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