Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Yes, that says 2010. Way off in the distance for most of you but nearly way in the past for me. When you work on the manufacturing side of things, years begin to meld together. For instance, this week I turned in the project plans for Spring 2011. I can't personally tell you where I'll be in January 2011 but I can tell you where Zoot Running shoes will be. Well not exactly but you get what I'm saying. What I'm leading to is goal time. It's nearly October and it's time to write the goals again. The rest of this week I'm going to look back at 2009 and the Goals I set forth. I'll comment on this on Sunday. Then it's off to 2010 thinking. Of course I'm almost done there so setting goals around 2010 should be easy. Not Eactly!

It's a good life....
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